On June 13, the first annual Iowa Women’s Landowner Conference took place in Brooklyn, Iowa. It was a great turnout of over 100 women from 18 counties. The target was a 6-county area surrounding Brooklyn. Iowa county WLL had a leisurely partnership with Iowa Land Sales and Farm Management to “co-sponsor” the event. It seemed very well received by the women in attendance and focused on some of the most popular topics with WLL, estate planning and farm leases. Mike Pearson was the emcee and of course, added an element of professionalism to the event. Tanya Meyer, WLL State Team member, was able to be part of the final panel for Q&A and had a chance to talk about WLL in general. An evaluation included a question that allowed women to show if they wanted more information about WLL.
Contact if we can visit your county to share WLL!

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