How It Works

The Women, Land, and Legacy project is a statewide outreach effort on behalf of the USDA State Outreach Council (SOC). The SOC includes USDA agencies, state and local agencies/organizations, nonprofit organizations, and faith-based organizations. The goal of the SOC is to gather information about program and outreach needs of under served groups; ways to address these needs; barriers to participation in USDA programs; and effective dissemination of information to these groups. Outreach to women involved with agriculture in Iowa has been identified as a need, thus the Women, Land, and Legacy project.

How Women, Land, and Legacy Works

Local teams assist a statewide team in development, promotion and
implementation of local conversations. The local team includes the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Farm Service Agency (FSA), ISU Extension Service, local women, and other local partners.

Local, structured conversations in the form of small group dialogues have taken place with women across the state.  See our map of Participating Counties.

The local conversations produce the foundation for educational strategies for women involved in agriculture. Through the local conversations, women will identify:

  • Their connections to the land
  • Issues for Iowa’s agricultural women
  • Information and education needs
  • Assistance needs
  • Most effective education strategies to use for the region

In 2005 and beyond, educational strategies for agricultural women have taken place, utilizing the locally led process (local teams and local women).

The Future

Through the local, grassroots efforts of Women, Land, and Legacy, local networks of women will be established. These networks will provide ongoing support and resources for women connected to the land and will help build capacity within the ever growing community of agricultural women in Iowa.

In order to receive our Women, Land & Legacy Development Guide please email us at

Women, Land & Legacy brochure

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