How It Works

Women, Land & Legacy is a statewide outreach effort that began on behalf of the USDA State Outreach Council (SOC). The SOC includes USDA agencies, state and local agencies/organizations, nonprofit organizations, and faith-based organizations. The goal of the SOC is to gather information about program and outreach needs of under served groups; determine ways to address these needs; identify barriers to participation in USDA programs; and effectively disseminate information to these groups. Outreach to women involved with agriculture in Iowa is a strong need that Women, Land & Legacy is helping to meet.

How Women, Land, and Legacy Works

Women, Land & Legacy is a bottom-up program that recognizes the unique and diverse land and agricultural interests, practices, and needs throughout the state.  Local teams form in counties made up of representatives from USDA agencies, non-agency women, Extension, Soil & Water Conservation Districts and other community partners to provide direct outreach to agricultural women and other women connected to land issues. The outreach is based on local educational and networking needs through Learning Sessions, which are meetings that cover a range of topics and styles of presentation.  Local conversations between and with women produce the foundation for educational strategies for women in agriculture in each county. Through the program women identify:

  • Their connections to the land
  • Issues for Iowa’s agricultural women
  • Information and education needs
  • Assistance needs
  • Most effective education strategies to use for the region

Teams utilize this information to inform future educational programs (Learning Sessions). Listening, networking, and connecting with other women and community resources are foundations of Women, Land & Legacy, making it a truly unique program in Iowa.

To get a local chapter of Women, Land & Legacy started in your county, e-mail the State Team:

Women, Land & Legacy WLL brochure