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Women, Land & Legacy (WLL) is a USDA education and outreach program that has impacted thousands of Iowa women in agriculture. Working locally in counties throughout the state WLL empowers female landowners and farmers to be agents of positive change in their communities through active participation, educational sessions and networking opportunities.

WLL provides participants opportunities to inform agencies what their needs are and bridges partnerships between government, non-profit organizations, faith based and community groups. These partners provide local, relevant information, speakers, and resources to local women so they can make the best farming and conservation choices for their land. All of the local work is facilitated through a core group, called the “local team”, which is made up of members of these partner groups as well as women landowners and farmers. Women, Land & Legacy is a bottom-up, locally led program.

For a map and a list of our local teams, click here.


Listening to women to connect them with resources for making informed decisions for their land and communities.


Networks of confident women sharing knowledge to create a legacy of stewardship.


For women to inform agencies and organizations of their needs and what the agencies and organizations can do to help meet those needs.

To develop local networks of agricultural women who will decide what programs, projects, and information they need to assist them in their farming and conservation decision making.

Read more about this program and its impact under Findings & Reports.

Download the Women, Land & Legacy brochure.

3 Responses to

  1. Marty New says:

    I would love to be contacted for such a group in California. I am in Santa Barbara, CA. Thank you.
    Marty New

  2. Megan Rudder says:

    I would love to find similar groups in my state of Arkansas. I am located roughly 15 minutes outside of Little Rock. Any info would help! Thanks.

    • WLL says:

      Hello! Although we would love to be able to connect with women in all states, we unfortunately don’t have any programming in Arkansas at this time. However, I did a quick internet search for women in ag. groups in your state and a group did come up! This is their Facebook page, there may be other groups out there as well:

      Also, the Women, Food & Ag. Network has an annual conference that moves around the mid-west each year. 2017 will be in Madison, WI. There is the possibility that one may come closer to you in the future! You can check out their website and sign up for news at

      Best wishes!

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