Soil Health Tips from the USDA, Talking to Your Tenant and Cover Crops

soil in handsTalking with your tenant about soil health can be an intimidating or complicated thing, but starting with some basic questions can easily help get the conversation going. This article highlights 5 talking points you as a landowner should ask your tenant about how they are managing soil health on your farm, including if they are building organic matter, doing regular soil testing, are they doing cover crops and no-till and other important discussion topics. Read more here.

One of the most beneficial soil health practices you can do is cover cropping your ground when crops aren’t growing to keep the soil covered and living roots around most of the year. Here are some tips for managing cover crops, which you can share with your tenant.

If you have more questions about soil health practices, including cover crops, your local USDA office can offer free assistance and can also provide cost share.

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