Notes from Kay | WLL State Team member

by Kay Triplett, WLL State Team Member, USDA-NASS

The Women, Land and Legacy program is a “self help starter program” with ongoing support from the State Team.

What’s exciting about WLL? 

The women from Clinton and Jackson counties took charge of their learning experiences.    I was impressed with the ownership taken by their group that formed in April 2013.  This past year, they have met regularly to learn about a variety of topics affecting their lives.  That group is “on fire” making the most of the initial training.

Watching the interaction between WLL women who need answers to thrive in their varied roles as partners in a family operation, sole owner after losing a spouse, beginning farmers, landlords, or just friends of the land…is truly amazing.

These women may not know what is possible until they listen to another woman’s hopes, dreams, experiences.  The variety of needs, possibility thinking, exchange of contact information, support, and new friendships are energizing.

Women, Land, and Legacy listening sessions are the first step to mapping where you want to be.

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