Iowa County Cookbook

Iowa County Women, Land and Legacy group created cookbook as a fundraiser. They’ve had many successful seminars & want to have a sustainable WLL group for years to come! The cookbook became available in the spring of 2012. They collected recipes from their contact list of WLL seminar attendees, the local planning group, family and friends. Each person was asked to submit up to 5 recipes. They received a wide variety of delicious recipes in many categories meeting their goal & have the cookbook available now!
Iowa County Cookbook
If your WLL group is interested in creating a cookbook as a fundraiser, contact 319-668-2359 for information & tips.

Cookbooks are available for $12 + $5 postage & handling each. They make wonderful gifts!

Send orders to: Iowa County Women, Land, & Legacy, 435 North Highland Street, Williamsburg, IA 52361

Please include name, shipping address, phone number, and check payable to Iowa County Women, Land, and Legacy.

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